Kintsugi experience is available in Kanazawa and Yamanaka Onsen.

What is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique for beautifully restoring broken ceramics. This technique is more than just repairing an object; it adds new value and beauty to the damaged area. Kintsugi uses lacquer to bond broken or chipped areas and decorates them with pure gold powder, not only making the vessel usable again, but also giving it a unique beauty. Since the Muromachi period (1333-1573), when the tea ceremony became popular, kintsugi restorations of tea utensils have been used to accentuate the beauty of the broken parts and to celebrate the history and stories behind the utensils.

Kintsugi is a culture born from the Japanese mindset of valuing things, and people around the world have embraced it as a wonderful way to breathe new life into objects. Through this technique, we can re-evaluate the value of objects and find beauty in them. Kintsugi is more than just a restoration technique; it is a culture that weaves stories and creates art, and it should be promoted throughout the world.

Let's experience Kintsugi!


Everyone is enjoying the experience.

 kintsugi is also a symbol of a sustainable lifestyle. By reusing damaged items instead of throwing them away, kintsugi shows a commitment to conserving resources and caring for the environment. Our kintsugi experience is open to beginners, and learning about this beautiful tradition and restoring a kintsugi piece with your own hands is a very rewarding experience!

Drawing lines with a brush is a quiet, Zen-like experience.

When we move the brush, there we forget the time, the ticking of the clock, the clamor of the world.

Kintsugi Experience Contents

① Let's know the beginning of Kintsugi


The tea ceremony and kintsugi, an art deeply rooted in traditional Japanese culture, have been handed down since around the Muromachi period. Tea bowls used in the tea ceremony were extremely valuable and expensive, and could not be thrown away just because they were broken, giving rise to the culture of kintsugi.


② Learn about the lacquer and tools used in kintsugi!


Natural lacquer is used as an adhesive to strengthen the repaired area, and then pure gold powder is used to decorate it. During the Kintsugi experience, visitors can learn about lacquer and see the tools used.

③ Let's work with natural lacquer actually used by kintsugi craftsmen


Kintsugi began in Japan in the 15th century. Repair using lacquer has been practiced since the Jomon period and has long taken root in the daily lives of the Japanese people. Participants will experience the art of kintsugi by using tools that craftsmen also use and working with their hands. Please enjoy the different appearance of the damaged surface as you work.


Let's finish off the souvenir vessels!

Finally, after experiencing each step of the process, you can finish your kintsugi vessel! That vessel is a gift for you. A gift that you make yourself is a gift with special feelings.


The small dish has a nice gold-jointed pattern.

You can take it home after the experience.

Microwave and dishwasher are not available.

【Only at our workshop in Japan】

A Kintsugi Journey Connecting People to People

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Kintsugi is a culture that has a deeper meaning than simply repairing broken vessels. It creates an experience of people connecting and sharing with each other as they take their time and wait for the lacquer to dry. As one vessel changes hands one after another and is carefully restored by many people from different countries and cultures, the bonds between people and

We are able to form precious memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I hope that through kintsugi, not only objects, but also this beautiful tradition will be passed down from generation to generation and across borders, like a baton relay that spins new stories. The experience of kintsugi  will become a memory for a lifetime, connecting people's hearts as well as their minds as they join broken pieces together.


They will be connected in this way.


The locations of the experience are Kanazawa and Yamanaka Onsen.

Prices, hours and details for each location



Kanazawa Higashi Chayamachi is a place of culture and history, with beautiful traditional townhouses and stone-paved streets. It offers visitors unforgettable experiences such as geiko culture and gold leaf application, and is a photogenic spot for taking pictures.


Access is very convenient, only about 7 minutes by bus from Kanazawa Station!


Yamanaka Onsen is a hot spring resort rich in nature and history. Traditional crafts and folk songs can be enjoyed, and the area is blessed with fresh seafood. Tourist attractions such as Tsurusenkei are also attractive.

We can also pick you up at the nearby Kaga Onsen Station.